About the Class

Pre-Class Checklist

1. Bring your Texas drivers license or other state issued I.D.

2. Previous handgun handling experience is highly recommended. If you are a 'newbie' it’s OK, contact us and we will accommodate your needs! 

3. Be prepared. Wear Closed Shoes, Long Pants, Bring a Baseball Cap and Safety Eye & Ear Protection. We will provide Eye & Ear Protection if you don’t have these handy. 

4. Bring your Firearm and Ammunition. Semi-automatic Handgun or a Revolver (unloaded and in a box) in good repair and with no modifications that would render the weapon less safe. 

5. Bring Ammunition- a minimum of 50 rounds, SAAMI* approved (factory loads, no reloads allowed, no steel-core ammo allowed on range.) See our Useful Link Section below for recommended ammo types. 

6. DO NOT bring your weapon and or ammunition into the classroom. Please leave inside your vehicle. 

7. Be prepared to Learn & have Fun! 

What to Expect

Carry On Texas provides the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) required classroom training and firearm qualification students need to obtain a Texas License To Carry (LTC). 

Theory and written test are conducted in our Classroom- It's a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

The Handgun proficiency test is conducted at nearby Winchester shooting range. The range is comfortable, indoor and air conditioned. Range fee of $16 is not included in the class enrollment fee.     

After the Class

Congratulations! You will be on the Path to Becoming a Better Protected, Empowered, Informed, Educated and Responsible Licensed Gun Owner/Carrier!   

Remember: Practice makes perfect, continuing with firearm shooting coaching and regular visits to a reputable shooting range will ensure you build proper muscle memory and reaction times.  




We cover: Basic firearm training & safety, Use of Force, Non Violent Dispute Resolution and proper stance and grip techniques.

The Law


You will learn: In and Outs of Texas Concealed Handgun Law, Texas Open Carry Law, Restrictions and Punishment for Violations as well as Proper Identification of firearm related signage.



Self-protection and Awareness are the first steps to being protected. You will be guided through the 5 stages of violent crime and learn to defend yourself and refuse to be a victim.

Helpful Links & Documents

Click below for helpful links and to download files:

Texas DPS Online LTC Application   

Texas DPS LTC FAQ Page

Texas DPS Lawbook     

National Rifle Association NRA

Texas Concealed Handgun Law 

Recommended Ammunition Types

Files coming soon.